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Desert Diamond 10-16-2016

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October 16, 2016

Beloved Sangha:

It has often been asked me, nay, even demanded of me, that Temple White Lotus define itself, by hook or by crook, as a ‘Gay’ Temple. Until now, I have resisted the temptation to take the bait…but sometimes, one lies by one’s silence.

I would like to borrow a page from Shakyamuni’s playbook, as it were, and answer this question by way of posing the question back to you: Is there such a thing as ‘Gay’ Buddhism, and what would such a thing even mean? Can Buddhism be so contained…can it be, I dare say, so constrained, by such an adjective or qualifier as ‘Gay’?

I won’t answer this question for you, for Buddhism is not about putting thoughts into your head, forcing your conscience or brain washing you in any manner…no…I am not Jim Jones….and we serve no Koolaide, here. Rather, I shall humbly offer unto you a foundational basic of practically all schools of Buddhism, modern and traditional…an offering known as the Three Dharma Seals (or as the Vajrayana Buddhists elaborate it more specifically, the Four Seals of Dharma):

1. All compounded things are Impermanent

2. All emotions are Painful (Dukkha…unsatisfactory)

3. All phenomenon are empty of Inherent Existence (from their own side)

4. Nirvana is beyond All Extremes.

Buddhism is not based upon blind faith, but upon reason…scientific, methodical reason…in this case, reasoning / examining our own minds. Your homework is to sit with the Concept-Phenomenon-Trigger-Categorizing word ‘Gay’ and apply these Four Seals unto it. It shall be hard work, but this is what separates meditation / Buddhism from being a simple stress reduction/mindfulness (what I call mindless) bliss out session into a spiritual path…differentiates it from, what one of my teachers always say, “Squirrel/Marmot meditation from a spiritual path which gets you somewhere”. Thus, your assignment, dear agent, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:

• Spend some time in Shamata, grounding, stilling the mind, focusing upon the breath

• Place the word “Gay” in front of you and analyze…I mean, fine tooth comb, scientific investigative, pithy, precise…nuts and bolts take apart and reverse engineer analyze the term, and then do the same by applying each and every one of the Four Seals of Dharma to it. (Vipassana)

• Return to Shamata, and rest.

That is it for this week: Let me know what you come up with. No judgment, no criticism, just sharing…on the page or privately (I understand completely that the word “Gay” is such a Trigger word…which is part of the point of this exercise…why can an empty word, breath rattles from a frontal orifice, have such power? Analyze this too.

Good luck.

And no…this Dharma message shall not self-destruct; what ‘self’, after all, is there to destruct?

With Dharma Blessings,

Orgyen Jampa Dorje