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Daily Dharma for August 14

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Daily Dharma: Words of Wisdom

Thus have I heard:

This is how you should train yourselves:

“Those discourses taught by the Lord --- deep, profound, transcendental --- from time to time we will spend our day in learning them.”

That is how you should train yourselves.

Thus ...

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Daily Dharma -- August 13

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The Daily Dharma


Thus have I heard:


If anyone abuses you to your face, strikes you with a fist, throws clods of eart at you, beats you with a stick or gives you a blow with a sword, you must put aside all worldly desires and considerations and train yourself like this:


“My heart will be unwavering. No evil words shall I s...

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Daily Dharma for August 12

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Daily Dharma for August 12


Thus have I heard:


Once, while the Lord was staying near Kosambi Ghosita Park, Venerable Udayin, surrounded by a great gathering of laymen, sat teaching the Dhamma. Now, Ananda saw this, so he went to the Lord and told him, and the Lord said:


“Truly, Ananda, it is not easy to teach Dhamma to others. In teaching Dhamma to others, establish well five things, and then teach. What five? Teach Dha...

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August 10, 2015

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Daily Dharma: Words of Wisdom

Thus have I heard:

On one occasion, the monk Visakha of the Pancalas was teaching Dhamma in the assembly hall. As the evening approached, the Lord, rising from solitary meditation, went to the hall and sat down on a seat made ready for him and asked:

“Who was teaching Dhamma so well?”

“It was, Lord, ...

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Discussion on the Heart Sutra

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Discussion on the

Heart Sutra

Most humble greetings.

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March Dharma Message -- A Cautionary Tale

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Begrudging Buddha, Jealous Zen:

(Your Dharma is Way Too Small)

--Rev. William L. Chamberlin


Basic Buddhist Philosophy and Doctrine most generally has as a foundation the notion of the Three Poisons, the Three Unwholesome Roots, and/or the Three Fires: Namely, these are Greed, Hatred, and Delusion. Corresponding to these are...

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