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Dharma Point: Renunciation

Posted on June 21, 2016 at 6:20 PM


Dharma thought for the week, and perhaps I shall elaborate upon this further: It is a thought about Renunciation.

Renunciation is one of the most basic foundation grounds of the Buddhist spiritual and ethical path; without it, one is not really a Buddhist at all. However, Renunciation has often gotten a 'bum wrap' and laden with emotional baggage in our Western Culture.

The good news is...Renunciation, in a manner of speaking, is easy....but that is what makes it so hard.

Its about changing one's perspective.

Almost everybody tends to think of Renunciation negatively, as if it were a painful or dastardly process of giving up something; this is the 'bum wrap' with which this word has been laden. In short, this notion simply is NOT true.

Think of it this way. You are walking home alone, at night, and the moonlight is casting your shadow upon the wall next to you; perhaps you are walking down a dark avenue or alley way of some kind. You see the shadow, and immediately get paranoid, frightened...its a serial stalker or Charlie Manson with a fire axe out to butcher me. Then, a burned out street lamp suddenly blinks back to life and, poof...the shadow is gone, and so is the threat.

Renunciation is the process of giving up the paranoic fear of the shadow threat...a mirage...an entity without substance, that was never really there.

So I put it to you, then...how can it be said that Renunciation is the painful act of giving up something, when its really just releasing an illusion without solid basis of existence from its own side?

Contemplate this...its deeper and yet simpler than you think.


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